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NoirLuna Leather is a small independent leather crafting business, located in the depths of the Canadian prairies, which has achieved international acclaim throughout the fetish community. NoirLuna Leather specializes in high quality, unique designs, and loves doing custom orders and facilitating a customer’s leather fantasies. As kinksters NoirLuna Leather artisans are very particular about their own equipment and only offer items that they would be proud to own and use.

Who is NoirLuna Leather

Who and what is NoirLuna Leather, and where did you get that weird name?

NoirLuna is two entities, an individual and a business, although the line between the two often gets blurred.

NoirLuna Leather is a small leather craft business located in the middle of nowhere, also known as the Canadian Prairies. (Regina, Saskatchewan, a city of 200,000 people, to be exact.)

NoirLuna Leather began with a precocious kinkling at the ripe age of 19 for one very simple reason - she was kinky and wanted toys she couldn’t afford. It probably helped that she was one of those annoying, hands on, crafty sorts, and had been sewing, knitting, doing woodwork, since she was five. (Yes, FIVE. That is what happens when you give a bored child to her grandparents to baby-sit. They teach her to sew cushions at five. And we shan’t even mention her grandfather teaching her to use a glass cutter at eight, except to say – don’t teach eight year olds to use glass cutters and then leave them unsupervised.)

So she made toys. And she made her friends toys. And her friend’s friends saw toys and wanted to know where they got such things, and so the reputation spread, and somehow that bit of snow became a big ball rolling down a hill, until it became the business it is today.

So now we have been making and selling toys since 1998. We work from one tiny room, literally crammed to the rafters with every type of bondage toy, leather, tool, etc that you can imagine.

We still mostly consist of that kinkling, now grown into a full-fledged kinkster, who makes the toys and does most of the artistry for the website and catalog. We have, however, branched out enough that we bring in the occasional outside help and have a part-time web-slave to help decode the mysteries that are online commerce.

NoirLuna also tries to travel to and attend every event, with even a remote lifestyle connection, that she can manage. Ever thirsting for more, she wants to be always growing, learning and getting new ideas for new toys. She also endeavors to give back to her community, especially locally by giving workshops and seminars.

But that still doesn’t answer the questions: “Where did you get that weird name” and “what does it mean”? Well, you see, this goes back to that precocious kinkling girl who wanted a unique online handle which suited her. She liked the idea of “Luna” with its lunar associations, not to mention it being the root of the word “lunatic” but it was used too much. And while adding “dark” or “black” to it helped, it was still a bit too common.

While having grown up in a multicultural country didn’t rub off on her in any useful form, it did manage to leave her able to name the colours and count to ten in French. and thus we got black…in French! Put them together you have something that sounds kinda pretty, and was unusual enough to suit her tastes. So when it came time to name her business, well, co-opting her own online handle gave her a really easy logo, and there we have the unromantic root of where we got this weird name. (Oh and for those not following along, “Noir” means black in French, and “Luna” moon in Latin)

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NoirLuna Leather makes no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the safety of any of our products. All of our products are sold as novelties only. Furthermore, we accept no responsibility for injuries sustained while using our products. The purchaser assumes all risk and liability of use for all our products.