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NoirLuna Leather uses the highest quality hardware available. All attachment hardware is stainless steel and welded so that it will not open and fail under pressure. If required, screw rivets, stitching, or both are used in place of the standard rivets for extra strength. Unless otherwise noted all of the hardware that we carry is chrome in colour. Other colours may be possible through special order, please email us to enquire.


Most NoirLuna Leather restraints are made with latigo leather. The thickness of the leather is usually chosen by application. For instance: restraints created for more strenuous purposes will use thicker leather than a show collar. NoirLuna Leather strives to choose the best quality of materials available. Often, our products are quite stiff when they arrive. This is to be expected as leather ‘breaks in’ and softens with use. If the product is already soft and pliable, it may soften to the point of uselessness. We like our toys to last and believe our customers do as well.


The falls on our floggers are made of many different materials. Colours will vary from hide to hide, and can even vary on the same hide. Therefore we cannot guarantee colour match from something you ordered two years ago, or even yesterday. Leather is a natural material and has all the idiosyncrasies inherent in natural materials.


Suede is not actually a type of leather but a way of finishing it. Almost any type of hide can be suede, which simply means that both sides have a nap reminiscent of velvet. Unless otherwise specified, when we refer to suede on the website we are referring to cowhide suede which is a common material used for a variety of purposes. We at NoirLuna Leather, unless otherwise requested, use it primarily for flogger falls. We find that the velvety soft nap is wonderfully suited to the tails of a flogger, but, as with anything else, it tends to soil, stain and degrade with time. For handle coverings, and wearables that require leather we prefer to utilize garment leather. For current colour choices please check our leather colours page.

Garment Leather:

Any type of hide can be made into garments, but the term “garment leather” most commonly refers to cowhide which is smooth and slightly shiny on one side and suede on the other. We use garment leather for many applications, including braiding and falls of floggers. A flogger with garment leather falls will give a sensation that is predominately thud with just a touch of sting. For the current colour choices please check our leather colours page.

Chap Leather:

Chap leather is heavier than garment or upholstery leather and usually made from cowhide. At NoirLuna Leather we choose chap that is smooth one side to give it that extra bit of sensation. A flogger made from chap leather has intense thud. It’s a great fall choice for someone who likes to feel their sensation from one side of the body to another.

Horse Hair:

NoirLuna Leather uses only real horsehair from the tails of horses. This natural source means that there will be occasional slight inconsistencies in colour. This material makes for a scratchy, stingy flogger, a great alternative or warm up toy.

Deer Skin:

While we currently don’t offer deer as a main flogger fall option we do keep some in stock. We have chosen deer that is smooth one side and suede on the other. A flogger made of deer is buttery smooth with a soft thud that is perfect for warm up and cool down. It’s a very forgiving toy, an excellent choice for the beginner flogger or to introduce someone to the joys of being flogged. The current price for a deerskin flogger is $150.00


While not a standard flogger fall option on the website, we tend to keep a few latigo lace floggers in stock for public events and are always happy to make them up. A flogger of latigo laces offers a cutting and stinging sensation that is not for the faint of heart. The current price for a latigo lace flogger is $140.00

Round Braids:

We offer cat of nine tail floggers with either garment and suede for the tails. We find that suede has all the sting one expects from a cat, with an added dose of thud and a bit more swing weight. Meanwhile garment is much more stingy and lighter to swing.

Other leather options are available by special request. On occasion we have been known to bring in some exotic leathers for falls which will be posted on the main site. To inquire about a non-standard fall flogger option please email us. Other possible options are as follows:

Moose: (Available in Black, white and Tan which is a yellow/brown)

Horse: (Available in Black and Tan)

Goat: (Available in Black and Tan)

Elk: (Available in White and Tan)

Calf: (Available in Black and Tan)

Buffalo: (Available in Tan)

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NoirLuna Leather makes no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the safety of any of our products. All of our products are sold as novelties only. Furthermore, we accept no responsibility for injuries sustained while using our products. The purchaser assumes all risk and liability of use for all our products.